Configuration - Table of Contents


ConnextCMS is open source software released under the MIT license. A copy of the license file can be found in the GitHub repository.

Support & Resources


The best way to contribute to the ConnextCMS project is to Fork your own copy. Here is a rough step-by-step process on how to get started contributing to this project:

  1. Watch the documentation videos, read through this documentation, and check out the blog to get up to speed on the current state of the project.
  2. Clone your own Droplet for the fastest way get up and running or build the project from source.
  3. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account.
  4. Log into your server/droplet, enter the Docker container, and delete the connextCMS directory.
  5. Replace the directory by cloning your fork with a command like git clone'your forked repository'
  6. Make any code changes that you'd like to see added to this repository. Test them to ensure they don't break anything.
  7. Submit a Pull Request (PR) on GitHub and link the PR to your forked repository.
  8. An administrator of the ConnextCMS project will review your Pull Request for acceptance into the main branch of the respository.


The Videos Page on the ConnextCMS website contains a list of short video-based documentation that covers the information covered here and goes into greater depth with hands-on examples of setting up a server running ConnextCMS.