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v1.0 Released!

Posted in Project Updates

After two years in development, I am proud to announce version 1.0 of ConnextCMS has finally arrived!

The core code of ConnextCMS has been stable for several months. A lot of minor issues have been addressed for this release. There are two major focal points in version 1.0:

  • ConnextCMS is packaged as a Dockerfile. The makes installation much easier for the end user. To install ConnextCMS, read the installation instructions in the docker-connextcms repository.

  • The main features of ConnextCMS are frequently referred to as ConnextCMS Core. Additional features can be added through the creation of Plugins and new websites can be customized using the Site TemplateConnextCMS Core will change very little going into the future. New features will be introduced first as plugins, then adopted into Core after much testing and thought.