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Keystone V4.0 Beta & Private Pages

Posted in Project Updates

The ConnextCMS software package as well as ConnextCMS.com (this website) are undergoing massive upgrades. A new software release as well as a new demo site were just created with updates to make ConnextCMS work with the new KeystoneJS v4.0 Beta release. The v4.0 release broke the image and file handling capability, but that is fixed now.


In addition to bringing ConnextCMS in line with the new changes of KeystoneJS, a new feature has just been added to the 'master' branch of the ConnextCMS repository: Private Pages. It allows the user to create both public and private pages. The private pages are only accessible to logged-in users. A navigation menu also appears for logged in users and is removed if the user is not-logged in.


By default a new page is set as 'public'. A page Section should be created that is named 'Private', 'Members', or something appropriate. The GUID for that section can be retrieved from the KeystoneJS Admin UI and put into the /public/js/serversettings.js file. This section will then become the 'private' page Section. Pages that should be private can be assigned to this section.