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eCommerce Plugin Released!

Posted in Project Updates
Skagit Connext just released a new plugin for ConnextCMS: a Moltin eCommerce Plugin!
You can also play with a live demo here: http://ecommerce.connextcms.com
And you can clone your own DigitalOcean Droplet copy with KeystoneJS, ConnextCMS, and this new eCommerce plugin all working out-of-the-box.
If you haven't heard of Moltin, it's an API service that handles eCommerce activities. It gives developers full control of the front-end of a website/store, while proving a back-end dashboard for handling payments, orders, and shipping. They have a free tier, which is handy for developing sites and running small online stores without costing anything.
I know a lot of people have been asking for an eCommerce plugin for KeystoneJS. You can use this plugin even if you don't care or plan to use the ConnextCMS side of things.
This is just a first release, so look forward to improvements. If anyone wants to contribute to the project, please contact me.