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ConnextCMS v0.00.05 Released!

Posted in Project Updates

We've just released v0.00.05 of ConnextCMS on GitHub!


While still in 'pre-Alpha', we're getting close to the Alpha release. This latest release includes A LOT of feature updates. Here is a brief summary:

  • Updated Documentation on GitHub

  • User resettable passwords! Navigating to /edituser on a ConnextCMS site, while logged in, will allow users to change their name, login, and password.

  • New permission system which creates superuser, admin, user, and non-user permission categories. To summarize, admins are allowed to update ConnextCMS websites but not user information. Only superusers are allowed to update user settings like name, password, and login.

  • Cloning your own copy of ConnextCMS now runs on port 80 out-of-the-box, rather than the default port of 3000 that KeystoneJS uses.

  • Many minor bugs have been fixed and GitHub issues closed.


Those features are awesome, but the biggest new feature of this release is plugins!

A plugin template has been released on GitHub. Using this template, you can create your own customized ConnextCMS/KeystoneJS website or web app. You can create your own API calls, database models, and ConnextCMS views. Best of all, you can now update KeystoneJS and ConnextCMS without any manual code updates. Using the plugin template, you can now keep all three code bases separate, and update each one individually without adverse effects on the others.

Check out the Plugin Template Readme now!