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Clone Droplet Updated With Security and Other Upgrades

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The master droplet used to generate cloned copies of ConnextCMS has been updated to take advantage of the latest features. Here are some of the new features you get when you clone your own copy of the ConnextCMS demo droplet.

  • ConnextCMS now runs on port 80 out-of-the-box, the normal port that browsers use to read web pages.

  • ConnextCMS/KeystoneJS launches at bootup using pm2 running as a service.

  • Found and fixed some bugs in the image and file views.

  • Created a working 'Members Only' private page section with a private page assigned to it.

  • Fixed the missing images in the first example page.

  • Droplet is now configured with 2GB of swap space.

  • A clone of the KeystoneJS repository can be found in keystone4/node_modules/keystone. You can update the KeystoneJS installation by entering that directory and executing the instructions git pull and npm install.